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Why Consider Us for Business

Lethal Papers Co Ltd offers you friendly, knowledgeable assistance and special services that set us apart from the competition — saving you time and money. There is No-Hassle Returns. We make

  • Paper Mill & Pulp Mill Machinery
  • Packaging and local Distribution
  • Office Accessories

Roll to A4 Processing

Standard Processes

Lethal Papers is involved in the ordering and supply of varied brands of Products Our Factory Equally processes Rolls of White Paper to varied sizes for Consumption in the local markets. By this Token, We have licences to cut and package similar local brands with full Control

Our QA Engineer at Work

Total Quality Control

Because the market is full of fierce competitors, we make sure that our papers meet both local and international standars. This is therefore backed by rigorous ratification of paper processes up to the parkaging, and export to Different Markets

Palleting Double A for Supply

Ever Available Stocks
Because of the Large Market Share we enjoy and our long stay in the Business, we have created a formidable network that refills our stock at every moment so much so that we can boost of always meeting the demands of our clients in real time